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What is acne, and why does it effect women of all ages?Pt.I

    Acne, in short, is the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face.  When dead skin, sebum and bacteria combine in your pours or around a hair follicle,  pimples,  blackheads and whiteheads will occur.

    Why do women over 20 struggle with acne like breakouts?

    The truth is that it’s normal to have a breakout here and there.  Life happens, and sometimes it happens on our face! Severe acne is not only a physical disorder, but is also signs of  emotional, and internal imbalance. Many cases of adult acne can be resolved with a healthier lifestyle, and regular skin health; soap and water is not enough to take care  of the skin on its own.


    In battling adult acne,  the first thing you want to change is your cleanser.  If your skin tends to be more oily,  look for a cleanser that will help reduce sebum production.  Your cleanser should always have exfoliating properties in order combat the build up of dead skin on the epidermis, the most outer layer of the skin.  Most importantly,  your cleanser should contain minerals and botanicals that reduce inflammation and provide nutrients to the skin in order to help healthy skin cells better combat the imbalances that are contributing to your adult acne.

    Hydrate and Moisturize

    When caring for adult acne, it is important to provide the skin with moisturization that will not clog the pores.  Many lotions meant for our bodies can actually irritate  acne prone skin, and promote breakouts. Its always best to moisturize skin at night,  and not during the day when you’re most active.

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