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What Our Clients Say...

“While I was at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo I stumbled across a natural cream that reduces cellulite. I can be skeptical about these things, but the list of ingredients intrigued me so I thought I would give it a trial. Skin PHD’s Cellulite Control reduces the appearance of cellulite (truly), while improving fluid distribution…Well, to my surprise (and delight) this cream actually works. The cellulite on my butt & thighs has definitely reduced, but also my skin feels smoother and tighter as well.”

Kris Abbey

Editor, Spa Life

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Can I buy a boatload of this gel? I applied the (Platinum) Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel to one side of my mouth. I asked around the office if they could see a difference and if so, what side of my face showed improvement. To a person, everyone saw a substantial improvement on the treated side of my face. The test was on the wrinkle from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth and the difference between the treated and untreated sides is considerable.”



“As a licensed skin care professional, I have found SkinPhD to be a superior brand. I am well-versed in many professional skin care lines, and can attest to the uniqueness of SkinPhD products. The ingredient profile is of exceptional quality and the formulations are wonderfully effective. Combine the products with their cold laser therapy, and you have a brilliant combination in corrective skin care!”



I have been using the Renaissance products. I absolutely LOVE these products. They make my skin glow every day. This is coming from a person with very sensitive skin. I normally break out from any and everything. But I feel so safe using these products because they truly take care of my skin. I get so many compliments on my skin, and people are asking me what it is that I am doing! That feels GREAT!



“I’m an African-American woman and my skin has never looked so good since I began using Renaissance.”



“I’ve been using the SkinPhD products and love the feel and complete absorption (bioavailability) – no residual.”

Katie S.


“I have never used products specifically-created for darker skin tones before using Renaissance…it is amazing this difference in my skin’s tone and complexion. I am a believer.”    

Ms. Hood


“I have tested just about every cellulite product on the market and there is no comparison. With SkinPhD’s Cellulite Control, I saw results in
three days—amazing!”



“Recently, I received a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. I was given specific products to use to facilitate the healing process as the skin becomes very sensitive, swollen, dehydrated and dry after such procedure.   Being an esthetician for over 20 years, I decided to use Skin PhD (Moisture Maintenance and Night Care Lotion) to replace what was prescribed since the supplied products burned on application and did not hold moisture well, which is essential in the healing phase.   Needless to say that Skin PhD’s products were put through a rigorous test during that week. I found them very soothing and they truly helped speed up the healing process. They held moisture consistently and replenished the lipids quickly which made the skin supple and a lot less sensitive. As a result the skin was highly protected and healed beautifully without any complications.“



“I would like to congratulate you on your superb Skin PhD Range! Since I introduced Skin PhD at Aesthetix, it has become one of the top selling products. The science behind the products is remarkable, but the real proof is in the client’s response. Numerous clients that I introduced to the products return month after month to replenish their supplies. In my experience the success of any product lies in the follow-up orders. Any product can have a once-off sale, but clients must have a reason to keep using a product for a year! They will obviously continue their loyalty to a product that delivers real results. Although the range in total has been a huge success at Aesthetix, I have to mention some of the products that achieved outstanding sales: The specialized SkinPhD Skin Care Range: Pigmentation Control, Breakout Control Gel, Neck Firming Cream and the Cellulite Control”

Dr. Abri

Aesthetix MMC

“I can now wear short sleeves again thanks to (SkinPhD’s) Cellulite Control”



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