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We formulate and manufacture

Revolutionary Skin Care

How It Started

In 2009, sisters Heather Elrod and Holly Harmon began a global search for clinical skin care ingredients that would yield optimal, REAL results.

The sisters were both connected to the beauty industry in different ways, Holly as an aesthetician and massage therapist while Heather was as a business owner and entrepreneur in the medical aesthetics field. Both had experienced hundreds of products that left them underwhelmed with results and value.

This led the sisters on a journey to South Africa where they met the Chief Cosmetic Scientist that breathed life into what would become SkinPhD.

The formulation for SkinPhD began with the cornerstone that our skin care must bridge clinical and natural and that it must be cosmeceutical in composition with high percentages of bio-active ingredients that work at the cellular level. SkinPhD’s cosmetic scientist team took great care in balancing these cosmeceutical active ingredients with natural plant extracts, herbs, semi-precious stones and minerals indigenous to Africa and South Africa. The sister’s dream for SkinPhD, to deliver incomparable cosmeceutical skin care at a conscientious price point, came to fruition in October 2011 when the SkinPhD product collections were launched in the U.S. market to physicians, medical spas, and spas.

Since that time, the company has been blessed with tremendous market growth, industry recognition, and valued partnerships.

Our Mission

We strive to develop and supply effective aesthetic skin care products that create sustainable excitement in the marketplace including clients/patients, team members and business partners.

Our Operating Principles

Shop By Collection

SkinPhD Collection for Targeted Needs and Sensitive Skin


Formulated for targeted needs, exfoliation, and sensitive skin.

SkinPhD Clarify Collection for Oily Skin and Imperfections


Formulated for oily, problematic skin and imperfections.


Formulated for distinctive needs in darker skin tones.

Platinum Collection for Optimal Aging


Formulated for maturing and changing skin.

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IMPORTANT: We are currently only selling our products through our medspa and spa partners. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.
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