Three tips that will take your new year’s resolution from challenge to success story.

Happy-New-Years-2015-1All too common are  new year’s promises;  right about now, everyone is screaming, ” new year, new me,” and so on.  In the midst of all these new year resolutions,    I’m sure there’s many good things you did in 2014,  that definitely need to make an appearance in 2015 and vice versa.  When  it comes to healthy skin,  what we put inside  can always be seen on the outside.  Here are three tips  your should take with you into 2015,  that will make some of those new year resolutions a lot easier to keep!

Tip 1:  Be selective!  Don’t settle  for less than what you need to be happy,  that’s in life and in  your skin care products.

Not all skin care products are made to be  effective on dark skin.  We’ve all had that experienced trying product that was supposed to be  good,  but did absolutely nothing.  Skin PhD tailors it’s products to the needs of  people with different skin types, and colors. Go to to learn more about products specifically made for women of color.

Tip 2:  Read more! a chapter a day keeps the Alzheimer’s away.

Granted,  that’s not a scientific fact, but it has been proven that reading everyday keeps you’re brain sharp!   You will learn tons about being healthy and skin health just by reading this blog, and our sister blog.  Each post is not too long,  but packed with information that will leave  you sounding something like a skin care guru to all your friends.

Tip 3:  Fruits and veggies save lives! Add more  to your diet whenever  and however you can.

For those of us that love junk food,  fruits an veggies can seem  boring and almost like a chore.  On the other hand,  no one  ever got sick from  too many veggies (unless allergic).  Skin PhD products, are like salad for the skin; packed with healthy ingredients derived from super foods like algae, papaya and watermelon.   Visit the website and browse some of our “healthy” selections; your skin will eat them up!