Three reasons why healthier skin should your New Year’s resolution

NewYearsResolutions_main_0It’s easy to replace damaged hair with a weave, or bad teeth with falsies, but let’s face  it, you can’t find a way to hide unhealthy skin, unless you plan on wearing a paper bag.  For most, a visit to the salon to get your hair done or a visit to the dentist is a must, but for some reason we continue to neglect skin health and accept the imperfections that we see each day.  If this sounds like you, here are three reasons why healthier skin should be on your list of New Year’s resolutions.

1.  Healthier skin will not only make you look better, but you’ll feel better.

Whatever issues you have in your skin: whether you have severe breakouts, wrinkles, or extreme dryness,  these things can effect how you feel.  Having healthier skin is sure to make you feel  more beautiful on the outside, giving the beautiful person you are on the inside a chance to shine.

2. Your skin is a direct reflection of bodily health.

Once you start taking better care of your skin, it’s likely you’ll start taking better care of other parts of your body. To have healthy skin for life, sometimes you may need to make a change in other areas of your life; which in turn, will make you more happy and more beautiful each day.

3. Your skin is the first impression that you can never change.

When people see you  for the first time, your skin speaks volumes before your mouth ever utters a word.  It’s the one impression that people see over and over again, so you owe it to yourself to  make it a good one.

Healthier skin is a  battle fought inside and outside the body. With skincare made from vitamins, minerals, rich body butters and fruits, Skin PhD has products that will make the battle to healthier skin much easier.  Click here to learn more.