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Three reasons why body soap can be harmful to the skin on your face

    I know a lot of women (I being one of them), who use one washing cloth for the face, and another for the body.  In good hygiene this makes sense, but why don’t we use two different cleansers: one for our face and one for our body?  Whatever body wash you use, I’m sure makes your body feel clean, but here are three real reasons why you need a different cleanser for your face.

    1. Body cleansers contain water softeners that irritate skin and leave the face feeling and looking dry.

    2. The skin on the face is not as rough as the skin on the body. The surfactants in regular body soaps are too harsh, and strip the skin on your face of much needed natural moisturizers.

    3. Body soaps often contain added coloring and perfume that might not irritate the skin on your body, but are especially irritating to the skin on the face.  Even people with skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis are recommended not to use these types of soaps.

    South African Honeybush

    Your face needs a cleanser that is mild, that doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils, and that can help the skin on your face look better over time. All of our cleansers do just that. Our Gel Cleanser, a part of the Skin PhD Clarify line,  is a great face wash made for everyday use. It’s made from a blend of fruit extracts that nourish the skin while you cleanse. One of these extracts is Honeybush, which is known for its therapeutic properties and for its potent mineral and anti-oxidant materials. To learn more about this face wash, click here.

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