The truth about sun damage, sunscreen and people of color Pt. I

dv088103aSun protection has always been a tricky subject,  especially for people of color.  I’m sure as children most of us never wore sunscreen or anything  along those lines.  Nowadays,  everywhere you turn, even the news says that people of all colors need to be wearing sun protection.

Truthfully for people of color, healthy skin will provide more more protection from harmful sun rays sunscreen,  Although people of color are least prone to skin diseases caused by sun exposure, photoaging still poses a threat to beautiful, ageless skin.

What is photoaging?

Photoaging occurs when the skin is exposed to the sun’s ultra violet rays for prolonged period of time.  There are two  types of ultraviolet sunrays: UVB and UVA.

UVB versus UVA damage

UVB rays are sun rays that only penetrate the epidermis;  the most outer layer of the skin.  For people of color,  UVB rays are what make us darker in the summer.   Over exposure of UVB rays may also lead to discoloration and freckles.  UVB rays are also the culprit of the common skin cancer, melanoma.  Although people of color are least likely to develop melanoma,  studies have shown that melanoma in people of color is three times more likely to be fatal than in fair skinned people, if it is not detected early enough to heal the skin.

UVA rays are most damaging to our skin.  These rays are able to penetrate the epidermis and able to reach the dermis,  the second layer of skin.  This layer contains blood vessels, collagen, elastin, and extrafibrillar matrix which gives the skin structure.  UVA rays thin the dermis;  thinner dermis means thinner,  more wrinkled,  drier, more aged skin.

Healthy skin versus sunscreen

Healthy skin plays a major role in protecting our skin from UVA and UVB rays.  Unlike sunscreen,  proper skin care will promote the skin’s natural ability to  create the  vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to  continue to produce proteins and other nutrients that keep the skin healthy and youthful.

While we can’t hide from the sun, but  we can nourish our skin  in order to preserve natural beauty.  To learn about products that promote healthy skin and protection from photoaging and other skin disorders caused by the sun,  click here.