The dangers of sun damage and how this effects women of color

african_american_woman_looking_upA lot of times as women of color, we tend to ignore claims that  sun protection is a necessary part of skin care.  Over time, sun exposure ages skin by causing photo-damage. This type of damage is the #1 culprit of premature aging  because it helps increase the presence free radicals under the skins surface, that in turn, help speed up the breakdown of collagen proteins in the skin.

While wearing a sunblock everyday might be too extreme, we can take steps to make sure that harmful sun rays don’t cause damage under the skin’s surface.  In ethnic women, sun damage may cause premature lines and sun spots posing as unwanted moles or freckles.  The best way to combat sun damage in our skin is by nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals that help absorb free radicals and support skin cell regeneration.

Skin PhD’s new serum, the Hermatite G-Cell Serum contains mineral Hematite, rich in iron and energy, which dramatically increase skin’s collagen production. It also contains active stem cells from grapes, which are powerful anti-oxidants, and greatly reduce the stress caused by free-radicals. This is a great product to use especially if you play sports, or spend a lot of time outside.  Without some sun protection the formation of freckles and fine lines could occur as early as the mid 30’s age range; but with proper care, you can keep your skin flawless for a very long time.

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