Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul: Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge


by Casey Durrett, LEI – Social Media Director and National Educator, SkinPhD



I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rhonda Mordecai owner of a lovely day spa in Gainesville, Texas. Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge  is Rhonda’s love child – a business born out of faith and vision. Sole’renity features SkinPhD cosmeceutical skin care products, and we here at SkinPhD enjoy coming to know more about our spa partners – who they are, how they got here, and why they choose to work with our products.

So how was it that this nail tech of 20 years and former owner of two high energy hair salons made a huge shift into a relaxing, tranquil day spa business? Why did she choose to feature SkinPhD in her spa? And what advice would Rhonda give to spa professionals if they want to set themselves apart in this industry?


Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge is tucked away in downtown Gainesville, Texas. The 100+ year old building has been turned into a tranquil destination for people in need of nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. Rhonda has worked to ensure that every aspect of Sole’renity caters to a peaceful spirit and a serene atmosphere. From the calming blue wall paint down to the look and feel of her gorgeous website, Rhonda has worked to create a continuous flow of calmness from start to finish.

After 20 years in the nail business, and having owned two high-energy hair salons, Rhonda says that she “began to see that the industry was changing” and shifting more towards a complete focus on the well-being of guests rather than loud music and the fast paced nature that may often feel as if people are just being pushed out of the door. Rhonda eventually began to fill in at a day spa located inside a Bed and Breakfast. It was during this time that she fell in love with the vastly different atmosphere and energy that comes from people being cared for and enriched – tranquility, peacefulness, quietness, and serenity. Rhonda loved the one-on-one nature of the business and didn’t miss the noise or excess energy that can sometimes be the mainstay of upbeat salons.

Rhonda Mordecai - Solerenity Owner of Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge – Rhonda Mordecai


Sometime later, Rhonda traveled to Florida for a spa convention. It was here that she “saw the vision”. “I could see that spa services were where it was moving…  Places where people can escape from everyday stress, forget about the outside world, and be pampered – mind, body, and soul.” It was during this time, she says, that she knew things had to change for her. Rhonda eventually left the nail business for a full two years, and during this time through much prayer and thought she developed the concept for a new business.

Solerenity Logo

Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge is Rhonda’s vision come to life. Spa-goers now receive skin, nail, and massage treatments in exactly the atmosphere she had envisioned – full of tranqulity and peacefulness. Sole’renity caters to women – loving them, pampering them, and making them feel good “from the soles up”.

During our chat, I wanted to learn more about why Rhonda chose SkinPhD products for use at Sole’renity. Rhonda noted that she was impressed by the fact that SkinPhD is a cosmeceutical grade line of products featuring natural ingredients and that she loved the “story” of SkinPhD and how it was developed. She also mentioned that SkinPhD has provided “great support, training, and education on ingredients.” The consumer response to the products has been positive, and a few of Rhonda’s favorite SkinPhD products are in our Platinum Anti-Aging range of products including the Platinum Soft Foam Cleanser and Platinum Active Defense Toner. On a personal note, I couldn’t agree more with her on those choices!

As we discussed SkinPhD’s role at Sole’renity and our conversation neared a close, I also wanted to gather insight from Rhonda as to what sort of advice, if any, she might have for budding skin therapists – or even established skin therapists – to bring them success in the spa industry. Her answer was simple, and considering the warmth and heart of this woman – it was not surprising.

“Care about the people, and care about the final result.”
–Rhonda Mordecai, Owner – Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge

Solerenity Day Spa

As simple as that tidbit of sage advice may be, I believe it is the spirit of any successful day spa professional. When our guests come first, when we care for them with sincerity, and when we care about the services we are providing them at every angle – success will naturally follow. People love to be loved, and Rhonda has woven a business that was founded on this understanding.

In speaking with Rhonda I could feel the authenticity of her mission. Sole’renity is more than a business to her and more than a day spa or nail lounge. It’s a love child. Her heart and soul have gone into bringing this concept into reality, and she has made a career out of serving others. At SkinPhD, we love to know our partners – their dreams, their vision, their mission, and we are so honored to have people like Rhonda Mordecai and her lovely spa – Sole’renity – working with our products to bring that positive “final result” to her guests each and every day.


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