Head into fall looking flawless!

autumn-leaves-wallpapers-photos The summer was fun, but as it comes to an end, it’s time to do some damage control.  The secret to flawless skin in the fall is to keep the summer glow and repair damage at the same time. In order to do this, I’ve listed three simple steps that will make  this Fall the best your skin’s ever seen.

1. Keep the glow

It’s inevitable, the beautiful tan you got this summer is bound to fade. The sun gives your skin a dewy, hydrated glow.  To retain that glow, the best thing you can do is hydrate and moisturize regularly.  In order to do this, the Skin PhD Renaissance Replenishing Night Cream  will give your skin all the moisture it needs to stay hydrated and supple in the fall.  It’s made with a generous amount of shea butter, marula oil and jojoba oil in order to help heal dry skin and to  bring a natural glow.

2. Repair damage from the sun

Even though the sun makes us look good, UVA and UVB rays cause harm to skin cells and collagen production.  Peptides encourage skin cells to increase collagen production.  Skin PhD Peptide Complex Cream contains two types of peptide chains:  Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-10. Over time the overall appearance of your skin will be more firm and more youthful.

3. Give your skin the vitamins it deserves

In addition to regular moisturization and repair, the skin needs vitamins just as much as your body does.  Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins that aid in cellular regeneration and repair. Vitamin C  helps inhibit overactive melanocytes.  This will help even your skin tone.  Vitamin C also helps promote collagen repair in the skin.  Click here to learn more about Skin PhD and products that will give you flawless skin, once Fall is in full effect.