The top five reasons why you should be using Niacinamide-B3 to nourish your skin everyday

Skin PhD ProductsSometimes, skin care can seem less about nourishing the skin, and more like a science project, but the secret to healthy skin is less complicated than you think.  One vitamin, Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3 works wonders on our skin.  Here are the top five most beneficial uses of topical niacinamide in topical skincare.

  1. Niacinamide is a compound molecule composed of niacin and amino acids.  This compound helps support  the cellular production skin cells, which in turn results in more youthful skin.
  2. Niacinamide supports the production of two enzymes NADH and NADPH.  Without getting too scientific, these enzymes help support the cell’s mitochondria; which give cells energy and supports the lipids in the skin.  As we age the production of these enzymes decrease, but niacinamide helps the skin to continue to make them, resulting in naturally more youthful appearance.
  3. For years niacinamide has been used to treat inflammatory skin disorders like rosacea and acne.  This is because niacinamide works to reduce inflammation in the skin, which results in less redness and irritation.  Also, it helps control the production of sebum in the skin.  Over production of sebum in the skin causes acne in most cases.
  4. Niacinamide also helps hydrate the skin cells, which results in reduced appearance of fine lines. Hydration assists in keeping the lipids in the skin healthy, resulting in less wrinkles over time.  This also will help reduce the appearance of other skin disorders like psoriasis, acne and rosacea.
  5. Finally, as if niacinamide hasn’t done enough already, It also will reduce hyperpigmentation caused by the sun.  Hyperpigmentation results in unwanted sunspots and age spots.  Also it will reduce the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation caused by other skin disorders as well.

There are many skincare products that will claim to include niacinamide as an ingredient, but not all contain enough niacinamide to produce the desired results. Click here to learn more about Skin PhD products that include this wondrous ingredient; and will have you on your way to more beautiful skin!


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Seven reasons why watermelon is the eighth wonder of the world!


Like many Skin PhD ingredients, Watermelon was originally found in Africa, and then found its way to the Middle East around  900 A.D. This delicious fruit has made its way around the entire globe, and its sweet, delicious taste is enjoyed by many.  Here are seven reasons why watermelon is easily one of the most healthiest fruits in the world!

Watermelon is high in carotenoids

Carotenoids (7,481 mcg per cup) are actually what gives the watermelon its beautiful reddish color.  Your body uses carotenoids to make other useful antioxidants. Antioxidants dramatically reduce inflammation and skin cell damage by absorbing free radical oxygen atoms in your body and on your skin (when topically applied).

It is loaded with vitamin C!

To be precise, one cup of watermelon has about 15mg of Vitamin C in it.  Vitamin C will tone the appearance of your skin by its ability to fade aging spots.

High in vitamin  A

Vitamin A (865 IU per cup), another antioxidant, is also used for its skin tightening properties and is fat soluble. This means that it will be able to hydrate your skin  beyond its first layer, which means that over time the use of topical watermelon will visibly improve the appearance of your skin.

Beta carotene

Beta carotene (461 mcg per cup) is great for hydrating the skin.  This is especially important because as we age, dry skin can lead to peeling, discoloration, and even promote the formation of fine lines.

High in potassium

Potassium (170 mg per cup) helps rejuvenate skin cells, more specifically, the rejuvenation of collagen in the skin.  Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity and makes your skin tight and youthful.

Great  anti-inflammatory properties

Because of the flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids in watermelon, It has great anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it will help reduce any redness, puffiness, or irritation in the skin.

Rich in citrulline

Inside our bodies, citrulline assists the kidneys in amino acid composition.  this in turn, this leads to increased blood flow. Increased blood flow helps the skin make new skin cells by helping much needed vitamins and minerals reach the layers of the skin.  Essentially, this allows the skin to retain elasticity, to heal, and to retain its supple appearance.

Skin PhD utilizes watermelon and other nutrients to naturally make your skin more beautiful over time.  To learn more about Renaissance, click here.


The importance of serums and the top vitamins you need to keep skin flawless

Essential VitaminsSerums have not always been a part of the skin care circuit, but they are becoming increasingly popular because of the tremendous effects they have on skin health.  Think of it like this, if your cleanser was food, and your moisturizer was water, then your serum would be  the vitamins and minerals.

Serums are a vehicle in which your skin can absorb the most potent form of topical nourishment.  In many cases, you’ll find that serums are never general, but are always specific and contains certain vitamins and minerals in order to target the skin’s needs.  Here’s a break down of the type of serum you should consider based on age range.


At this age, skin care is  most important.  Most people invest in skin care when they see a sun spot or a wrinkle starting to form, but it’s best to invest in skin care before skin issues arise, that way you are just working to preserve what is already flawless!  At this age range, a vitamin C serum works wonders.  Vitamin C helps prevent sunspots and wrinkles, and also helps absorb free radicals that can cause collagen degeneration.


By this time, subtle signs of skin’s aging are much more visible.  A serum that includes vitamin A for cellular regeneration and vitamin E to help moisturize the skin is important.  Combined with the vitamin C you were taking in your 20’s, this skin care boost will help the skin cells regenerate, and protect the skin from having a dry, scaly appearance.

40’s -50’s

At this time, you’ve been working miracles on your skin by taking the vitamin C in your 20’s, and the A and E vitamins in your 30’s.  Now it’s time to add a protein serum to the mix.  The loss of collagen becomes much more apparent in the 40’s than in any other age range, so naturally, a serum that can assist in collagen production will help the skin remain firm.

To learn more about serums with Vitamin A, C and E, click here.

To learn more about serums with collagen production, click here.


The top three ways to keep your skin looking radiant all year-round

Your skin needs different things in different seasons.  Some people dread the cool weather because the low temperatures can make the skin appear dull and dry; but I think the fall and winter seasons give us chance to really give our skin a rest, and give it the  nutrients it needs before the spring and summer arrive.  Here are three nutrients that will definitely help nurture your skin, and keep you looking flawless no matter what season it is.


Ginkgo Biloba

Everyone knows this ancient herb has been used since the beginning of time to improve memory, but it also works wonders for skin. Ginkgo Biloba will help improve blood flow in your skin.  This will help increase collagen production.  Everyone’s always raving about collagen, in case you want to know what it is in a nutshell, it’s the protein that gives your skin elasticity and helps skin keep it’s tight feel and appearance.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great moisturizer for our skin.  It’s especially good for people with psoriasis and other types of chronic dry skin.  The best thing about vitamin E is that it’s a great moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores.


Linoleic Acid

Linoleic Acid is an Omega-6 fatty acid, and is a great skin protectant. It works great with Vitamin E.  This will help your skin stay retain nutrients so that you don’t start to look dry, or peel in the cool seasons. This trio will help your skin retain and build the nutrients it needs in order to stay radiant in the fall and winter; what’s even more exciting is that you will be able  to take that beautiful radiant skin, right into the warmer season.

Review – Spa Travel Gal: Another Reason to Love South Africa

The following article originally appeared on the SpatravelGal site here.

spatravelgal1Just this week I was having coffee with a new pal and we were discussing our travels. One place that we both thought sounded like a remarkable experience was a journey to South Africa. Yes they have amazing safaris there, but did you think that would be the only reason for Spa Travel Gal to have South Africa on her mind?

Well actually there are two reasons this week. The 1st is a new Goblet List (aka Bucket List) for me. Not only do I love spa treatments, but unique ones are the bomb for me these days! How does a massage sound by the Zambezi River with Victoria Falls and Hippos as the backdrop. Pretty jaw-dropping – YES?!?! So lately I am daydreaming about spa travel to Sun International’s Royal Livingstone Hotel in South Africa.

The 2nd reason is my new skincare regime, SkinPhd. First, I want to thank SkinPhd for sending me some of their items. I had first discovered how great they were at the opening of Serenity Spa at the Omni Atlanta. See here where I reviewed the spa grand opening for the Omni Hotels website.

spatravelgal2Now let me tell you about SkinPhd. First, I want you to know that my skin does not react well to many skincare product lines. Well, that is not the case with SkinPHd! My skin has been doing so well with all the items that I dare not a miss day (morning or evening) using them for fear I will not have that SkinPhd glow when I awake in the AM.

More unbelievable is the fact that I was offered a free facial to review another new spa this week. I said no! Yes, no for fear that my skin would then not have that SkinPhD glow – in other worlds I did not want to lose the progress that I had made.

Ok, Ok you say what does this have to do with South Africa – well their secret ingredients are all natural items from South Africa. All products are manufactured and formulated in South Africa. Well I want to try them all, but so far my fav has been the breakout control gel. Do you get those horrid hormonal breakouts on your chin? Well I did – but they are now gone after using SkinPhd Breakout Control Gel. It is amazing and worked within 1 and 1/2 days! My chin was clear!

Magic? No! Their anti-aging line was even voted best anti-aging skincare on I have been using it and adore how it makes me feel like I am turning back the clock. -aging backwards! Well here is a biggie – you know I get lots of skincare items in the mail for reviews daily but I am here to say that SkinPhD and I are exclusive right now! I can’t wait to learn more about all of their products!

How Your Skin Can Benefit From Vitamin C

We know that Vitamin C has a whole host of important roles within the body, but have you heard just how important it is for your skin?

Let’s look at a few of the reasons topical Vitamin C should be a new tool in your skin care toolbox.


Combat Premature Aging from Sun Damage with Vitamin C
UV exposure results in free radical damage that degrades your skin in a variety of ways including the breakdown of collagen and elastin (the two primary proteins needed for firm, resilient looking skin).

  • Vitamin C, being a powerful antioxidant, can help neutralize free radicals. This results in a slowing down of the aging process.
  • Topical Vitamin C stimulates fibroblast (the most common collagen producing cell) activity which leads to increased collagen production in the skin.
  • By preventing damage to existing collagen and stimulating the production of new collagen, the skin appears firmer and the formation of new wrinkles can be lessened.


Prevent and Reduce Age Spots with Vitamin C
Spots are beautiful on the majestic leopard, but for people, they’re one of the most common skin care complaints. Sun spots or “age spots” are another form of UV damage and respond beautifully to topical Vitamin C.


  • The wonderful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C protect against and repair UV damage. Vitamin C has actually been shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells in skin.
  • Vitamin C can lighten existing age spots as well as help prevent the formation of new ones.
  • The best results in brightening the skin with Vitamin C come via consistency in routine. A properly formulated Vitamin C serum should be applied to the skin each day (preferably morning and evening).


Protect Capillaries and Reduce Redness with Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a major strengthener of the blood vessels and can benefit skin that tends to be red or is predisposed towards capillary damage.

  • Vitamin C can reduce the tendency towards dilated blood vessels visible in the skin (often called broken capillaries).
  • A reduction in overall skin redness may be experienced after prolonged use of topical Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C can improve the appearance of skin affected by Rosacea.


Normalize Problematic Skin with Vitamin C
Oily and breakout prone skin types often experience inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown or pink spots left behind from breakouts). Vitamin C can play a vital role in reducing the complications of oily/breakout prone skin.

  • Vitamin C assists in normalizing the skin and healing lesions.
  • Areas of discoloration left behind by inflammatory breakouts and pimples can be evened out and often prevented.


Whether 18 or 80, acne or rosacea, dry, oily, or completely normal – everyone can benefit from this powerhouse nutrient!


Topical Vitamin C vs. Oral Vitamin C and Formulation Notes

  • Though supplementing Vitamin C through diet offers considerable health benefits, for maximum results in the skin, you must apply it topically.
  • Topical application of Vitamin C may be as much as 20 times more effective than oral supplementation (for specific skin benefits).
  • The method of delivery to the skin is important for Vitamin C. Vitamin C, on its own, isn’t very good at penetrating the skin. Look for formulations that deliver Vitamin C to the skin with liposome technology. Think of liposomes as little spheres that microscopically encapsulate the Vitamin C, help it penetrate the skin, and deliver all those wonderful antioxidant properties just where the skin needs it most.
  • Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin E increasing the antioxidant effect and renewing the activity of Vitamin E. Look for formulations that combine these two ingredients in one bottle.


So What Vitamin C Serum Should I Try?


If you’re ready to begin receiving all the benefits a Vitamin C serum can provide your skin, check out SkinPhD’s Liposome C & E Serum. This is THE top selling product in my private skin care studio, and one I use every day myself. It is gentle enough in formulation to not be prone to causing reactivity irritation, yet it is powerful enough to see results very speedily. It is formulated with both Vitamins C and E and possesses a liposome delivery system for maximum delivery to the skin. This product is concentrated, so a little goes a long way! If you’re not yet using a quality C serum, or you’re not seeing results with your current C product, I encourage you to give the SkinPhD Liposome C & E Serum a try!



by Casey Durrett, LEI – National Educator, SkinPhD

Summer Skin Care | Top 3 Summer Skin Care Challenges and how to Manage Them

summer-time-skin-careJust as the earth has its seasons, so it is with our skin. The summer months, full of brilliant rays of sun, can bring noticeable changes and challenges to our skin. So let’s take a look at a three of the challenges most associated with summer time skin care and how we can manage them!


Challenge #1 – Excessive Sun Exposure & Premature Aging

The sun, in all its glowing radiance, is the key to life on earth. Sad to say, it’s also a major stumbling block in the battle against aging skin.

Excess sun exposure leads to free radical damage and inflammation that shows itself in the following ways:

  • Damaged  cellular DNA leading to the replication of unhealthy cells
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and sun spots/age spots
  • Collagen and elastin breakdown
  • Skin sagging

Healthy, vibrant, firm skin doesn’t come from damaged cells.

What to do:

We have all heard by now to use sunscreen. This is a given. But, what else can we do to fight the effects of sun damage?

  • Antioxidant Serums – Serums are highly concentrated formulations that are typically worn under moisturizer/sunscreen. Look for serums containing important antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. Antioxidants protect your DNA and skin from free radical damage that lead to premature aging.
  • Pigmentation Control – Melanin producing cells are highly stimulated by sun exposure. Using a potent, but non-irritating melanin control product can help keep your skin tone even and reduce unsightly brown spots on the skin.
  • Build Your Skin – Choose products that contain powerful peptides for building major skin proteins like collagen and elastin. These wonderful skin-rebuilders can make a huge difference in fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, and firmness.

Some researchers claim that 90% of premature skin aging symptoms are related to sun exposure!

Challenge #2 – Excess Oil

summer_skin_careMany of us, especially those of us already on the oily side of the skin spectrum, experience challenges with increased oil production during the summer months. The dreaded oily shine and potential for clogged pores and breakouts can be improved with a few simple measures.

What to do:

  • Adjust Your Moisturizer – As your skin changes with the seasons, so should your skin care. Select lighter moisturizers that hydrate the skin with water based ingredients but have minimal levels of light oils/emollients.
  • Control Oil – Look for products containing specialized ingredients to control excess oil production in the skin. Acnacidol is a wonderful agent for regulating oil production in the skin.
  • Clarify and Refine – Use silt-based masks once a week to draw out oil and impurities, and choose daily cleansers that effectively remove oil without dehydrating and stripping the skin. Your cleanser should not leave your skin feeling tight and dry.

Challenge #3 – Dehydration

summertime-skin-careDespite more humidity, and whether your skin tends to be oily or on the drier side, dehydration (lack of water) can be a problem during the summer. Hot temperatures coupled with more sun exposure can dehydrate the skin leading to rough texture and increased, visible signs of aging.

What to do:

  • Keep Moisturizing – Don’t drop the use of moisturizer during the summer in attempts at controlling oil. A better option is to alter the type of your moisturizer to suit your skin’s needs. Moisturizing adds a protective layer to your skin that helps maintain water levels in your skin.
  • Hydrate Your Skin – Hydrating serums containing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate can attract and bind water to your skin. Gentle toners can also be a useful water source for the skin (avoid overly astringent toners as they can be especially drying).

Quality anti-aging serums can offer both hydrating and antioxidant protection.


Products for Summer-Time Skin Care:

by Casey Durrett, LEI – Social Media Director and National Educator, SkinPhD



Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul: Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge


by Casey Durrett, LEI – Social Media Director and National Educator, SkinPhD



I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rhonda Mordecai owner of a lovely day spa in Gainesville, Texas. Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge  is Rhonda’s love child – a business born out of faith and vision. Sole’renity features SkinPhD cosmeceutical skin care products, and we here at SkinPhD enjoy coming to know more about our spa partners – who they are, how they got here, and why they choose to work with our products.

So how was it that this nail tech of 20 years and former owner of two high energy hair salons made a huge shift into a relaxing, tranquil day spa business? Why did she choose to feature SkinPhD in her spa? And what advice would Rhonda give to spa professionals if they want to set themselves apart in this industry?


Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge is tucked away in downtown Gainesville, Texas. The 100+ year old building has been turned into a tranquil destination for people in need of nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. Rhonda has worked to ensure that every aspect of Sole’renity caters to a peaceful spirit and a serene atmosphere. From the calming blue wall paint down to the look and feel of her gorgeous website, Rhonda has worked to create a continuous flow of calmness from start to finish.

After 20 years in the nail business, and having owned two high-energy hair salons, Rhonda says that she “began to see that the industry was changing” and shifting more towards a complete focus on the well-being of guests rather than loud music and the fast paced nature that may often feel as if people are just being pushed out of the door. Rhonda eventually began to fill in at a day spa located inside a Bed and Breakfast. It was during this time that she fell in love with the vastly different atmosphere and energy that comes from people being cared for and enriched – tranquility, peacefulness, quietness, and serenity. Rhonda loved the one-on-one nature of the business and didn’t miss the noise or excess energy that can sometimes be the mainstay of upbeat salons.

Rhonda Mordecai - Solerenity Owner of Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge – Rhonda Mordecai


Sometime later, Rhonda traveled to Florida for a spa convention. It was here that she “saw the vision”. “I could see that spa services were where it was moving…  Places where people can escape from everyday stress, forget about the outside world, and be pampered – mind, body, and soul.” It was during this time, she says, that she knew things had to change for her. Rhonda eventually left the nail business for a full two years, and during this time through much prayer and thought she developed the concept for a new business.

Solerenity Logo

Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge is Rhonda’s vision come to life. Spa-goers now receive skin, nail, and massage treatments in exactly the atmosphere she had envisioned – full of tranqulity and peacefulness. Sole’renity caters to women – loving them, pampering them, and making them feel good “from the soles up”.

During our chat, I wanted to learn more about why Rhonda chose SkinPhD products for use at Sole’renity. Rhonda noted that she was impressed by the fact that SkinPhD is a cosmeceutical grade line of products featuring natural ingredients and that she loved the “story” of SkinPhD and how it was developed. She also mentioned that SkinPhD has provided “great support, training, and education on ingredients.” The consumer response to the products has been positive, and a few of Rhonda’s favorite SkinPhD products are in our Platinum Anti-Aging range of products including the Platinum Soft Foam Cleanser and Platinum Active Defense Toner. On a personal note, I couldn’t agree more with her on those choices!

As we discussed SkinPhD’s role at Sole’renity and our conversation neared a close, I also wanted to gather insight from Rhonda as to what sort of advice, if any, she might have for budding skin therapists – or even established skin therapists – to bring them success in the spa industry. Her answer was simple, and considering the warmth and heart of this woman – it was not surprising.

“Care about the people, and care about the final result.”
–Rhonda Mordecai, Owner – Sole’renity Day Spa and Nail Lounge

Solerenity Day Spa

As simple as that tidbit of sage advice may be, I believe it is the spirit of any successful day spa professional. When our guests come first, when we care for them with sincerity, and when we care about the services we are providing them at every angle – success will naturally follow. People love to be loved, and Rhonda has woven a business that was founded on this understanding.

In speaking with Rhonda I could feel the authenticity of her mission. Sole’renity is more than a business to her and more than a day spa or nail lounge. It’s a love child. Her heart and soul have gone into bringing this concept into reality, and she has made a career out of serving others. At SkinPhD, we love to know our partners – their dreams, their vision, their mission, and we are so honored to have people like Rhonda Mordecai and her lovely spa – Sole’renity – working with our products to bring that positive “final result” to her guests each and every day.


For more information on SkinPhD products  and signature therapies, please visit


The Big Picture on Exfoliation

by Casey Durrett, LEI – Social Media Director and National Educator, SkinPhD

If you’ve spent much time in the world of beauty, you’ll know that exfoliation seems to be the answer to everything skin. If you’ve got wrinkles – exfoliate. If you’re breaking out – exfoliate. If your complexion is dull – exfoliate. If you’ve got sun spots – exfoliate. If you’re dry – exfoliate. If you’re oily – exfoliate. So how is it that this one action can help to improve so many unsightly skin conditions? And with so many choices on the market today, how are we to know what to look for in an exfoliation product? How do all these different types of products really work with the skin? And could it be that there are risks associated with the overuse and/or misuse of these products?


If you’re a skin care therapist, or if you’ve visited one – you know we estheticians love our exfoliants. We love to use scrubs, enzymes, hydroxy acids, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Aside from a handful of conditions that contraindicate exfoliating, you’ll see us prescribing the use of exfoliants for just about every skin care concern imaginable. The chart below will provide information on some of the common skin types and concerns and how exfoliating properly can improve them.


How Exfoliation Improves Common Skin Types and Concerns

Dry Skin

An actual dry skin “type” is skin that does not produce adequate oil.   This is not to be confused with normal or oily skin that is experiencing a   build-up of dry, flaky skin cells. Truly dry skin may be fragile, sensitive,   and have a tendency to age prematurely. Proper exfoliation of dry skin will   improve skin texture and increase the movement of new healthy cells to the   skin’s surface. It may also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles   commonly associated with drier skin.


Oily Skin

In oily skin, dead skin cells may have a harder time shedding from   the skin because excess oil works as a glue that keeps dead skin cells stuck   to the surface of the skin. This combination of oil and excess dead skin   cells can clog follicles and lead to increased follicle size and breakouts.


Excess Pigmentation

Pigmentation concerns are a 3-phase process. Excess pigmentation is   first activated by some form of stimuli (hormonal, inflammatory, etc.),   melanin is then synthesized inside melanocytes (melanin producing cells) and   delivered to the surrounding skin cells. The final phase of this process is   what we call “expression” this is where we visibly see pigmentation on the   skin’s surface. Exfoliation targets the “expression” stage by sloughing off   pigmented cells that have moved to the higher surface layers of the skin. It   also improves the rate of cell migration from lower layers of the epidermis   which can help pigmented cells to surface and be shed off more quickly. It is   important to note, however, that exfoliating alone is not a viable option for   controlling pigmentation concerns. All three phases must be targeted to   provide a true solution for skin with excess pigmentation.



Breakouts can be attributed to a number of factors. We often see   complications with excess oil, uneven shedding of the follicles, acne-causing   bacteria being trapped in the follicles, and excess dead skin cell build-up   (other factors may be involved in breakouts as well). By responsibly   exfoliating skin that is prone to breakouts, we can reduce the amount of dead   skin cells on the skin’s surface, and with certain topical ingredients the   follicle interior can also be exfoliated. This can allow increased oxygen   into the skin, decrease the amount of trapped bacteria, and clear the skin of   congestive factors that contribute to breakouts.


Aging Skin

As we age the process of cells dividing and moving up through the   layers of the skin is slowed. Dead and rough cells linger on the skin’s surface   longer and eventually we see an increased build-up of these dead, dry cells.   As the top of the skin is thickening, the lower layers of the skin that keep   the skin looking firm and plump are decreasing in thickness. Rough texture,   lack of a healthy glow, fine lines and wrinkles are all common signs of skin   that is aging or prematurely aging.    Exfoliation of aging/prematurely aging skin can smooth the skin’s   surface, speed up the rate at which new, healthy cells are delivered to the   surface, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Certain   exfoliating agents actually penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and   help to restore vitality to the areas of the skin where problems actually begin.



Responsible Exfoliation:  Brings Positive Results without Negative Side Effects

As you can see, exfoliation is an integral tool in managing a variety of skin concerns. Texture is improved, new and healthy cells can move more quickly to the surface, breakouts and excessive pigmentation can be reduced, complexion can become brighter and more radiant, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be significantly reduced. The key to these improvements, however, is exfoliating in a way that brings about these positive changes without damaging the integrity of the skin.

The skin is an important barrier and a living organ. It is designed with purpose and function. All too often skin is attacked, abraded, peeled, scrubbed, and over-exfoliated to the point of creating damage to not only the barrier of the skin but also the deeper tissues. The results of improper exfoliation can lead to disrupted barrier function, increased skin sensitivity, injury to fragile capillaries, stimulation of excess melanin in darker skin types, damage to the lower layers of the skin, and premature aging.  Unfortunately, we don’t always see this damage taking place, so we don’t make the connection between exfoliating too much (or improperly) with negative changes happening in our skin.

Higher levels of exfoliation should be left to the hands of well-trained professionals. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion should not be performed at home and should be administered by licensed skin therapists. Home-care exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy acids and scrubs should be gentle, used as prescribed, and the skin should be monitored for any changes good or bad. Irritation, excessive redness and/or flaking of the skin are all signs that we may be over-exfoliating. For breakout prone skin, over-exfoliating may actually stimulate additional breakouts.


Choosing and Using Exfoliants Properly

  • Chemical formulations that include alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acid, enzymes, etc. should be gentle and not cause excessive stinging, burning, or discomfort. Pain is often associated with a
    product “working” – this is a dangerous viewpoint. Exfoliation does not have to be painful to work!


  • Look for formulas that have added benefits. A great exfoliator won’t just take away the dead skin cells it will have added ingredients to create additional benefits in the skin. For instance, an exfoliator for dry skin should be formulated differently than an exfoliator for oily or breakout prone skin. Be sure your product is targeted to your specific skin type and condition/s.


  • Mechanical exfoliants such as facial scrubs should not be overly abrasive and should not be aggressively scrubbed into and over the skin. Go for a “polishing” movement rather than a heavy handed scrubbing action. These exfoliants are best suited to skin when the abrading agent isn’t extremely rough and jagged. The ever popular “apricot scrubs” are well known for creating micro-tears in the skin which, though invisible, lead to inflammation and barrier disruption.


  • More isn’t better. Over-using exfoliators is more detrimental to the skin than failing to exfoliate at all. Use exfoliants as directed. Generally, an exfoliant should be used 1-2 times per week, but this will vary according to product type and strength. Follow package directions.


Exfoliating Products worth Discovering

With the above guidelines in mind, I’d like to introduce you the SkinPhD exfoliating products. These products are designed to promote positive changes in the skin without causing irritation or barrier disruption. I have personally used each of these products and work with them professionally in my skin care business. They are effective, non-irritating, and the results of regular use are beautiful.

AHA 7   Fruit Amidroxy Exfoliator

Selected Best Anti-Aging Product!

This concentrated serum contains a special blend   of red and citrus fruits that gently and effectively exfoliate the skin   leaving it radiant and with improved color and complexion.

  •   Provitamin B5   moisturizes the skin, makes the skin more elastic, and has an anti-inflammatory   effect
  •   Natural sources of   alpha hydroxy acids contain minerals, vitamins, and proteins. These   substances work together to slough away dead skin cells, stimulate collagen   synthesis, and increase cellular renewal.
  •   Red Fruit Amidroxy   is rich in minerals, Vitamin C, Flavanoids and other skin improving actives   providing cellular regeneration and protection against free radical damage.
  •   Suitable for all   skin types
AHA Gentle Exfoliating CreamIdeal for the Special Needs   of Dry Skin – A gentle exfoliating   cream that effectively helps slough away dead, dry skin cells while also   moisturizing and improving skin softness.

  •   Exfoliates with a   multi-fruit alpha hydroxy acid complex that increases cellular regeneration   and collagen synthesis while restoring radiance to dry skin.
  •   Contains Spirulina   which is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  •   This unique   formulation also contains shea butter which has unique healing properties and   a wonderful fatty acid profile that moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity,   and prevents wrinkle formation.
  •   An effective   formula for dry skin – exfoliation and rich moisturizing activity in one   product.
 AHA Exfoliating Cream
  Papaya Enzymatic ExfoliantA Wonderful Skin-Polisher   with Enzymes and Micro-SpongesThis   enzymatic exfoliant also contains soft, round micro-sponges that soften and   smooth the skin.

  •   Enzymes in this   formula effectively remove dead skin cells while avoiding irritation and   dryness.
  •   Contains Vitamins   A and C to neutralize free radicals.
  •   Micro-Sponges   gently cleanse and polish the skin’s surface.
  •   Ideal for darker   skin, oily skin, and thick skin.
  •   This product is an   excellent replacement to harsh scrubs that actually cause damage in the skin.

Think over your current exfoliation routine. Have you been using the same product or method for an extended period of time and aren’t seeing visible results? If so, I want to encourage you to review how you’re exfoliating – how often, in what way, and is the product you’re using appropriate for your skin? Is it providing benefits beyond removing dead cells?  If not, it’s time for a change!

Healthy, radiant skin is an attainable goal, and SkinPhD exfoliants can help you reach that goal more quickly, without irritation, and with results you will definitely see.

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SkinPhD Platinum – Ingredients for Optimal Aging


Casey Durrett, Social Media Manager, SkinPhD


by Casey Durrett, LEI – Social Media Director and National Educator, SkinPhD


The first step in an anti-aging skin care regimen is selecting products with optimal ingredients. Optimal ingredients produce Optimal Aging, and SkinPhD’s Platinum range has been formulated with this truth in mind. Our Platinum products for mature skin contain multi-functional complexes of actives that address the key factors in aging skin.


As a cosmeceutical range, SkinPhD Platinum products are biologically active and promote beneficial changes in the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, skin tone and texture, and overall radiance. The Platinum range consists of specialized daily skin care products including targeted treatments for the delicate eye area and unique anti-aging, firming, and protective serums.

In working with aging skin, I often find that long-term use of many anti-aging products results in a new set of skin concerns. These often include redness, flakiness, increased UV sensitivity, thinning of the skin’s important protective barrier, and irritation. There is a prominent misconception in the beauty industry that aggression produces better results. This is simply untrue.  The skin is a living, functioning organ, and as with any other major organ of the body, if you constantly attack it and deprive it of critical nutrition, damge will be the result. 

SkinPhD Platinum nourishes, protects, and creates definite, positive changes in the skin without compromising skin health. This approach is critical to creating lasting improvement in the skin’s appearance.


Today I’ll walk you through the selection of products in the Platinum range and introduce you to the ingredients that make Platinum the best answer for Optimal Aging.  

SkinPhD Platinum

Cleanse and Tone

Soft Foam Cleanser

 A mild, non-drying foaming cleanser containing protective lipids and rich plant extracts. Our soft foam cleanser is effective at providing a thorough cleansing of the skin without leaving the skin feeling tight and irritated.

Key Ingredients

  • Zincite – a critical mineral to skin health. Zincite plays a vital role in cellular repair, DNA protection, cellular renewal, and collagen and elastin synthesis





Active Defense Toner

An alcohol-free toner that moisturizes, smoothes, and refreshes the skin.

Tip:  Toning is an often skipped (but much needed) step in a daily skin care routine. Toning skin with our Active Defense Toner after cleansing will hydrate the skin, increase spreadability of your daily moisturizer (making your product last longer), balance the pH of the skin, nourish the skin with important nutrients, and provide a plumper, smoother surface for makeup application.

Key Ingredients

  • Centella Asiatica Extract (Gotu Kola) – boosts circulation, regulates collagen, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • MSM – a natural form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. MSM is used by the body to repair and create healthy cells. Lack of adequate MSM in the body and skin leads to premature aging.
  • Zincite


Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica




Repair and Reverse

Flawless Day Cream

A light day cream that increases elasticity and firmness and decreases fine lines.

Key Ingredients

  • MSM
  • Zincite
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – Stimulates collagen biosynthesis, improves elasticity, effectively combats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acmella Oleracea Extract– reduces wrinkles through its face-lift like activity

    Acmella Oleracea

    Acmella Oleracea



Extreme Night Cream

A multi-hydration night cream formula that will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Key Ingredients

  • Zincite
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
  • Kombucha (Black Tea Extract) – a detoxifying, hydrating extract that improves skin elasticity, tone, texture, clarity, and metabolism. Kombucha also possesses antioxidant and probiotic components.
  • Encapsulated Vitamin E – a rich, conditioning, antioxidant that is critical to skin health. Encapsulation ensures optimal activity and delivery of Vitamin E.


Eye and Mouth

Peptide Complex Eye Cream

A rich, fragrance-free formula designed for the delicate eye and mouth areas. This cream will firm and smooth the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients

  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 – a peptide celebrated for its powerful ability at reducing puffiness in the eye area
  • Hexapeptide-10 – an extraordinary peptide with powerful skin restructuring and firming properties that visibly improves the appearance of thinning, sagging skin.


Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel

A light, easily absorbed gel for the eyes that is rich in proteins and plant extracts. This gel will produce immediate improvement in the appearance of skin where applied. Regular use will result in increased skin brightness, tone, firmness, and youthfulness.

Tip:  I experience a good deal of redness and sensitivity after waxing my brows. Our Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel reduces the redness and sensitivity unlike any product I’ve ever used post-brow-wax. It also works beautifully under eye makeup.

Key Ingredients

  • Centella Asiatica
  • Rice Bran Peptides– a peptide that protects collagen and improves skin that has been damaged by UV.

    Rice Bran

    Rice Bran



Firm and Protect

Perfecting Mask

A refreshing mask that reduces stress on aging skin. Rich in active plant extracts, this mask will tighten the skin, improve texture, and increase skin softness and suppleness.

Tip:  Masking is an important step in improving the skin. Think of your hair; we all understand that our hair needs deep conditioning and nourishment to keep it in a healthy state. Masking provides the same sort of treatment for the skin. Our Perfecting Mask will provide the skin with an extra dose of rejuvenating, soothing, and nourishing botanical extracts.

Key Ingredients



Arnica Extract – a wildflower with wonderful healing properties that regulates circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties



Kigelia Africana

Kigelia Africana


Kigelia Africana Extract – derived from an indigenous African tree also called the Sausage Tree because of the sausage-like shape of its fruit. Kigelia Africana heals and conditions the skin, tightens and firms, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba – a plant active that increases circulation, boosts collagen formation, rejuvenates skin, and prevents capillary fragility. 




Active Complex Serum

A rich and light serum which absorbs easily into the skin and provides nourishment and hydration to the skin. This serum improves the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, provides long-lasting moisturizing effects, and deeply nourishes the skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Hexapeptide-10
  • Zincite
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – a natural hydrating substance that is capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. With its small molecular size, sodium hyaluronate penetrates deeply into the skin where it attracts and maintains water and promotes microcirculation and nutrient absorption.


Perfect Defense Serum

A light serum that protects and defends the skin against visible aging and dehydration. This serum oxygenates the skin, protects against free radical damage, and improves the appearance of skin’s elasticity.

Key Ingredients

  • Zincite
  • MSM
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein – increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture and provides long lasting smoothness that results in improved texture and reduced visibility of wrinkles.

Each Platinum product addresses the unique challenges associated with mature skin. A daily regimen of morning and evening use of Platinum products will result in smoother, more radiant, even textured, and more youthful skin without the negative side effects commonly associated with corrective skin care products.

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