Black women: nourish our skin, like we nourish our hair


beautiful skin, AND beautiful hair!

beautiful skin, AND beautiful hair!

For us, hair is everything.  I used to perm my hair every four weeks without skipping a beat (of course after it all broke off,and my perm days were over); doobies, hair conditioning treatments, remy weaves, braids and wigs and the list goes on and on.  As Black women, we love our hair and spend thousands of dollars a year on hair products, but when it comes to skin care; many of us only use a few things- soap, shea or cocoa butter and maybe a toner.

I used to make all my skin care from scratch right in my kitchen. For me, the products on the market either irritated my skin, were too expensive, weren’t made for black women, or just didn’t work all together. Just last year I met a woman in the mall; we were both in the cosmetics section of a store, and she wast talking about Skin PhD Renaissance,  a skin care line from South Africa that was tested and created for Black women. I took her advice in trying it and I haven’t  made a homemade facial mask since!

I think that Black women deserve luxury skin care that works.  Shea butter and cocoa butter are  great, but there are so many more products available now that work wonders on our skin. We don’t have to jump from product to product hoping that the next  one might work better than the last; companies  like Skin PhD are creating products that are made for our skin, and that are worth every penny.

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