Three tips that will save your skin from the Holidays

Happy+Holidays+allThe Holiday season is upon us; that means more friends, more family and more memories.  Along with these jolly good times, will be more drinks, more food, longer nights, and partying,  which can definitely wear on the skin.  This year,  give  your skin a gift  by using these three things to keep your skin looking good all season long.


1.  Drink a  glass of water with every meal

This Holiday season, you’ll be eating a lot more meals with family and having a lot more drinks with friends.  Have just and 8 oz glass of water with every meal and every cocktail.  Make a conscious effort to drink water with your turkey and cranberry spritzer,  will   help give the body  a better chance of clearing toxins, so they don’t end up on your face!

2.  Get some sleep

It you’re not slaving over a stove,or wrapping gifts all night, you’re out painting the town red!  In between the  long nights,  don’t forget the body needs at least 8 hours of rest to fully recuperate.  Make every effort to get a good night’s sleep  this year and your skin  will look most healthy.

3 Limit internal pollution

Around the holidays,  we drink more, we eat more, and some of us may even have a cigar or two when the clock strikes 12 on  the 1st, but all those extra toxins inside our body tend to show up on the face almost instantly.  In order to control breakouts,   limit the amount of drinks,  fatty foods and smoke pollution on your body  and your  skin will thank you!