The truth about sundamage, sunscreen and people of color pt. 2

sunshineLately sunscreen has become all the rage; even the news is urging people of all colors to wear a sunscreen. Although healthy skin is your best protectant against sun damage,  when choosing a sunscreen, all are not created equal.

There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical.  Chemical sunscreens are  very common and inexpensive.  Chemical sunscreens absorb sun rays, instead of the skin absorbing sun rays. These are the ones that go on clear, and that should be applies about 20 minutes before sun exposure in order for them to protect the skin against sun rays.  They usually last for about an hour, then you have to reapply more.

Physical sunscreens are made from crushed zinc and titanium.  Physical sunscreens reflect sun rays off and away from the skin.  These last much longer on the skin than chemical  sunscreen are  less harmful.

Due to recent discoveries, chemical sunscreens have become very controversial. Some doctors even say this type of sunscreen is toxic and may cause cancer.  Chemical sunscreens are made with endocrine disruptors. These toxins are known to stay in the body and may cause:

  1. Higher levels of estrogen in women leading to earlier puberty in girls.
  2. Higher risk of infertility in men.

So when it comes to protecting the skin against the sun,  be safe by using a physical sunscreen, and always keep to your skin care regiment. This will ensure your skin will stay healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Understanding beautiful dark skin, and what it needs to stay flawless

images (3)Let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of luxury skin care brands that are made with the needs of women with dark skin in mind.  For some, this may not be an issue, but if you are the type of woman that  hops from product to product trying to find the right one for, then keep reading.  This will help you better understand your skin, so when you are searching for luxe skin care, you’ll know just what to look for.

What gives our skin its rich beautiful color is a protein called melanin.  It is produced by theskin melanocytes in the first layer of the skin.  The melanocytes give our dermis (the first layer of the skin) a thick structure. This strong barrier helps protect our skin from absorbing maximum damage from external pollutants and harmful sun rays; but just like everyone else, the proteins in our skin will start to break down with age.

notchedleavesThe best way to make sure our skin cells get the maximum nutrients in order for new skin cells to grow at a healthy rate, is to keep the blood flowing in the epidermis and hypodermis.  Ginkgo Biloba is a great vasodilator.  This ancient herb helps stimulate blood flow in the skin, which improves tissue irrigation and cell metabolism with regular use.

Another way to help preserve the proteins in our skin is to use skin care products that areS made with the mineral zinc; more specifically smithsonite extract, which is a zinc derivative.  Zinc plays an essential role maintaining the double helix structure of DNA and RNA formulation, by helping molecules pair together.  With out enough zinc, cell division in your skin will slow down.  This is what causes sags and wrinkles in aged skin.

It’s important that the skin care you choose has these two ingredients in them. Cellular break down, loss of much need protein  and lack of proper nutrients are three things that cause major damage in the skin; but by using these nutrients, your skin is sure to retain its natural beauty.

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