Kris Abbey

Editor, Spa Life

“While I was at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo I stumbled across a natural cream that reduces the appearance of cellulite. I can be skeptical about these things, but the list of ingredients intrigued me so I thought I would give it a trial.(Plus the temptation of smoother skin for summer got the better of me). Skin PHD's Cellulite Control reduces the appearance of cellulite (truly), while improving fluid distribution. Coffee and arnica extracts help reduce that orange-peel appearance, while the warming affects of ginger rejuvenate and invigorate the skin. The magic ingredient that sets it apart from other cellulite creams is Glaucine. This has many benefits, one being the effect it has on adipose tissue. It is the uneven distribution of adipose which causes (the appearance of) cellulite! Well, to my surprise (and delight) this cream actually works. The (appearance of) cellulite on my butt & thighs has definitely reduced, but also my skin feels smoother and tighter as well.”