Renaissance for Distinctive Women of Color

The Renaissance skin care range and the new spa treatment have been developed to address the very specific beauty needs of women with skin of color. Groundbreaking actives are a key feature of this treatment that supports dark olive to dark chocolate skin in a unique way.

Total treatment duration: 30 minutes
Cold Laser duration: 10 minutes

This treatment is ideal for:
- Promoting an even skin tone
- Clearing adult acne
- Soothing dry or sensitive skin types
- Reviving ashy skin

- Assisting with hyper pigmentation
- Combating oiliness
- Anti-aging

Key Products Used

VitaLite C Restoring Serum
An intensive serum especially formulated to assist in improving the skin's overall appearance and normalizing the visible color and texture of the skin.

DualAction Exfoliator
A gentle exfoliating scrub that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal younger healthier looking skin, with the use of soft round micro-sponges as well as a special enzyme.

Unique Mask Used

Restoring Vita C Mask
This unique mask contains Vitamin C, which is an essential building block in collagen formation, leaving the skin looking energized, smooth and youthful.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is used to stimulate cell regeneration and enhance product penetration with a frequency similar to their natural wavelength and can therefore never damage your skin.

Home Care

Support your regular Renaissance Skin Care Therapy with the Renaissance Skin Care Range formulated for women with skin of color.