Platinum Firming Optimal Aging Treatment

This treatment benefits the more mature skin in its quest to reduce the ravages of time. Ground breaking Oxyphytomin™ has been registered by Placécol and is set to become the new leader in the anti-aging product market. This active is contained in most of the products used in this treatment. (Has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles after 28 days*)

Total treatment duration: 60 minutes
Cold Laser Photo-Bio Stimulation duration: 15 minutes

This treatment is ideal for:
- Anti-aging treatment
- Firms and smooths mature skin
- Collagen and elastin regrowth

- Rejuvenating mature skin
- Supports cell regeneration and rejuvenation

Key Products Used

Oxygenating Serum
A luxurious serum with cell protecting actives that contain Soy Protein, which assists in boosting cell metabolism. This is the ultimate protecting and cell rejuvenating serum!

HematiteTM Anti-Aging Serum.
This serum uses Hematite Extract which aids in skin collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and plumps the skin.  It also boosts skin metabolism, prevents thinning of the skin due to aging, and acts as a cell protector.

Unique Mask Used

HydroFirming Mask
This unique mask is both stimulating and refreshing as it instantly tightens the skin, whilst providing a long term effect through stimulating collagen production and relieving stress. Long term moisturizers support the skin even after the product has been washed off, leaving skin feeling softer and appearing instantly smoother.

Ground Breaking Products and Ingredients

Photo Bio-Simulation Therapy
Photo Bio-Simulation Therapy is used to stimulate cell regeneration and enhance product penetration with a frequency similar to their natural wavelength and can therefore never damage your skin.

Oxyphytomin™ is a key ingredient in the Platinum product skin care range. This unique combination of actives is the new buzz word in anti-ageing technology and Placécol has registered the ingredient for our exclusive use. What does it do?
- Improves skin relief
- It forms a semi-occlusive, protective anti-wrinkle film
- Decreases deep wrinkles immediately
- The protecting properties persist even after washing
- Imparts an immediate, long-lasting smooth silky feel

Home Care

Support your regular Platinum Optimal Aging Therapy with the Platinum Skin Care Range formulated especially for women 40 and above.