Vitamin F Acts as skin protector and balances the moisture content of the skin. Contains a natural tocopherol concentrate as antioxidant. It makes the skin look younger and gives it a radiant shine. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin. It is obtained from Safflower Oil which has a high content of Linoleic Acid in its natural, biological active form.

Encapsulated Vit E Beads
The following effects of Vitamin E Acetate on and in the skin have been confirmed in published studies:
Increasing the moisturization of the horny layer; Improving the skin surface relief; anti-inflammatory properties; Increase the epithelization of surface wounds; Increase the enzyme activity in the skin; Prevention of skin damage induced by free radicals; Protecting properties against sun burn; Reduction in the amount of the UV damaged cells; Protection against damage by reactive oxygen radicals.

Rovisome C -  Liposome Vitamin C
Liposome Vitamin C MAP is a phosphate ester, and therefore can be hydrolyzed to ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in the skin by enzymes (phosphatase), at which point it will show its physiological and pharmacological activities. In order to achieve these results, however, MAP must penetrate the Corneocyte Layer to reach the target layers of skin. This is the purpose of the Liposome Deliver System (LDS). A Liposome is a vesicle that forms when phospholipids hydrate in water. Studies have shown that TWICE as much of the active is delivered to the living epidermis by an LDS when compared to topical application of the active alone.

Vitamin C Actives has been widely used in various cosmetics and quasi-drugs because of its advantageous properties such as inhibitory effects on melanogenesis, promotion of collagen synthesis, and prevention of lipid peroxidation.   Vitamin C is especially useful in anti-wrinkle and skin lightening formula, and its performance in these two arenas can be potentiated by coupling the Rovisome C with Sodium Lactate in the formula. Application areas for Rovisome C would include: skin toning, elasticity, moisturization, wrinkle reduction, moisturizing, skin tightening, penetration, peeling, carrier system, whitening.  How does the performance of rovisome c compare to that of ascorbic acid?  Ascorbic acid has several documented physiological and pharmacological effects on the skin. Ascorbic acid acts as an inhibitor of melanin formation and also plays a role in collagen formation.  Rovisome C has been developed to offer formulators the benefits of a Vitamin C Active that can be delivered to the target layers, without the stability issues.